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 Basement Conversions and Extensions known as Base Rooms

For those of you who may have run out of room in your property above ground level, or had trouble gaining planning permission, then basement conversions (also known as base rooms) are a very lucrative and enjoyable option. Our workforce team are well experienced in building these high spec rooms in London, and now across Essex. 

These have often been referred to as the iceberg home because you mainly only see the tip above ground, yet there is a whole great deal of attractive spacious room underground. These are often used as living quarters, wine cellars or even a place to park the car. Whatever your idea may be, these rooms are certainly a great extra living area that will add value to your property.

There are also some famous faces jumping on the band wagon at the moment including Andrew Lloyd Webber at Eaton Square, David Cameron with his wife Samantha at Ladbroke Grove, and Jemima Khan at Chelsea square.

One thing is for sure these rooms are defintely a growing trend and what's great is we can build one for you to a very high specification.

If you are interested in finding out more please send us a quick quote request here.