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Garage Conversions

If you can think of a better way to utilise your existing garage, contact Essex Rooms to learn more about our garage conversions in Essex.

Your garage can be transformed into virtually any kind of room imaginable. Whether you’re desperate to extend your kitchen, keen to add an extra bedroom to your property or simply want to create extra living space for your family, our team of specialist engineers can design and build a functional space in your garage that fits in seamlessly with the existing aesthetics of your property. 

What planning permissions do I need?

You should not need to obtain planning permission for your garage conversion in Essex if all or most of the work is taking place inside the building and you are not planning to extend the garage in any way. Please bear in mind that approval for turning the garage into a habitable space will normally be needed under the Building Regulations. We would always recommend contacting your local authority for more information on your permitted development rights, particularly if you live within a new build or within a conservation area. You can find additional help for garage conversion planning here.

How much will my garage conversion cost?

A garage conversion in Essex will typically cost much less than the price of moving home. By opting for a garage conversion, you can get the extra space you needgarage conversion 2 without the cost of relocating, and of course the stress involved in finding a new house that meets all of your new requirements. A garage conversion also has the added bonus of adding a great deal of value to your property, so if you ever were to move, you can expect to demand more for your home (subject to market conditions, of course). Quite simply, conversions of this kind can generate an excellent return on investment and are a much more economical option.

We would always recommend contacting Essex Rooms directly for an accurate quote.

How long will the project take?

The duration of your Essex garage conversion will depend on its size and complexity. As a guide, though, you can normally expect your project to be completed within 6-10 weeks. Essex Rooms will take every step to minimise disruption to your home while the conversion is taking place. 

Why choose Essex rooms to handle your garage conversion?

Essex Rooms offers an efficient and transparent approach towards planning conversions and extensions of any kind at any location throughout the county. We take our customers’ requirements extremely seriously and strive to provide a professional, reliable service that is also very competitively-priced.

For more information on our garage conversions and extensions in Essex, or to arrange your free quote, please call our friendly team today on 0844 448 0400.

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