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How we work

How we workHere you can find out the processes for carrying out a standard loft conversion project. Once we have received your enquiry. we will then call you to make an appointment to discuss your plans and see how we can help you achieve them. Please make sure you send us your full name, contact phone number and full address as we can then check out your property on Google maps to help give us an idea of your structural set up. 

Once we have arranged an appointment to come and meet with you, we will send you written confirmation with the time and meeting address details.

At the meeting, our main goal will be to listen to what you have to say, hearing your plans and ideas and then showing you a way how to make them happen. We will take photos, measure the loft and external floor space, measure the floor to ceiling, and check the scaffolding and external requirements. Once we have got together all the necessary information, we can then talk about what is possible and the benefits of using Essex Rooms compared to anyone else.

After our initial meeting, we will then write to you with a full quotation to explain our scope of works and of course, the price to complete your project. At this point, we would love to answer any questions about anything, and ultimately choose to proceed together. 

The next step would be for us to prepare your contract, and send it to you. Once you’ve read over it and are happy we will then arrange another meeting to exchange contracts. The contract will include the scope of works, property details and the total price with stage payments. At this point, we will need to receive an initial deposit to book the calendar month start date. This will be the first of your stage payments and upon receipt, we will instruct our Architect to meet you, and start the drawing/planning process. 

Should your project require town planning, we will ensure your planning proposal is sent to the council to be displayed, and party walls agreement to be issued to the neighbours.

We will then book your workforce team allocated to the job and the scaffolding set up date ready to go. Should a crane and skips be required, these will also be bookedloft conversion process and ready to start. The next thing you can expect is the materials delivery date, so please have agreed a clearance area ready for these to be delivered and stored.

We will be taking photos of each stage of the project to ensure good communication and transparency are measured throughout the project from start to finish.

The exciting part now really begins as it’s time to let the work commence! Please be aware that the building control inspector will also be along four times during the build process to sign off each stage of the work.

The main aspects of the job are broken down into 3 stages:

  • The first fix - which is mainly structural and ensures the foundations are secure and ready for the next stage
  • The second fix - which is the preparing stage for the decorating. This includes plaster boarding, plastering, skirting boards and all spects of finishing the project.
  • The decorating stage - This is the final stage and includes painting, wall papering, architraves, glossing etc.

Once the stage payments have been made and you can see the work being done, we will arrange our electricians, plumbers, roofers, carpenters and plasterers to all be there at the right times.

We will need to order the UPVC windows and doors and fit these to complete the 2nd fix. When the 2nd fix has completed, we will then arrange the final visit from the Building Inspector from Building Control for sign off, and the certificates to be issued. We will send you both building and electrical certificates, and the decorating can then start.

Once the verbal pass has been given by building control final payment is expected in for the scaffolding to be dismantled (if applicable) and all certificates to be released straight after. We will then issue our final guarantee, and at this point we would really appreciate an online review and referral business from friends and family looking to employ our trustworthy building services.